M A N U E L   J I M É N E Z 

B I O G R A p h y
He began his career at the age of 17 in series like UPA dance and Un lugar en el Mundo, years later he participated in films like La Mula and Black Brown White, where he worked with such prestigious directors as Michael Radford.  
In television, we have been able to see him lately working in the comedy show El Sacapuntas with Ricardo Castella or Todo va bien with Xavi Rodríguez and Edurne, we have also been able to see him working in the last two seasons of La hora de José Mota.

He is currently debuting in the theater with the play "El Jefe", this 2023 he is shooting several fiction projects for Netflix and HBO. 

t r a i n i n g 
Degree in Dramatic Arts. Cristina Rota School.
Movement and harmonization, with Armando Garcia.
Dramaturgy, with Dario Facal.
History of Theater, with Dario Facal
Contemporary Dance, with Monica Runde.
Jazz Dance, with Chevi Muraday
Afro Dance, with Eliane Capitoni
Singing, with Patricia Krauss.
Prosody and verse with Patricia Krauss
The actor in front of the camera with Jaime Chavarri.
Acting training with Lee Strasberg

C I N E m a
2011 Black Brown White

2010 La Mula

T V 
2017 "La hora de José Mota" comedy series (tve1)
2014 "Todo va bien" Humor program (cuatro)
2013 "La calle no calla" TV program (Intereconomía)
2015 "Banquillo FC" Humor series (Neox)
2011 "Háztelo Mirar" Sketch comedy series (Neox)
2011 "El sacapuntas" Humor program (Antena 3)
2010 "Plaza Mayor" Sketch comedy (Telemadrid)

T h e a t r e

2019 "El Jefe" dir José Burgos
2017 "Toma Hostia" dir Yassin Serawan
2015 "La cornisa" dir Santiago Pajares
2010 "Fea" dir Luis Luque
2007 "Desde Arriba" dir Paloma Montoro
2006-2009 "La Katarsis del Tomatazo" dir María Botto

I D I O M A S   

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